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Jak fungují světlovody


how sun tunnels work

Crystal sun tunnels Lightway

bring the Sun into your house

They collect sunlight

The sun tunnels collect daylight on the roof, fasade, terrace or even on the pavement or green roof. Thanks to glass dome made of crystal glass CRYSTAL, the light flows into the interior pure and without any changes with maximal intensity.

They conduct daylight

Special high reflective pipe Lightway conducts light into the interior. Inside of the pipe is made of high power mirrors with maximal reflection. The light flows into the interior with minimal looses.

It shines up the interior with sunlight

The pipe is places on the ceiling or on the wall of the room you need to shine up. It is provided with a diffuser, which spreads the light into the interior well, so it doesn’t dazzle you.

Šikmá střecha
Rovná střecha
Hlavní součásti světlovodu

main components of the sun tunnels

Střešní kopule - sběrač světla

Roof dome – the light collector

The dome collects the sun rays on the roof and sends them to the sun pipe, even if it is cloudy. The roof dome Lightway CRYSTAL is made of Bohemian crystal and it practically doesn’t get old. Compared to the plastic dome it is resistant to aging, even when the UV light affects it. Crystal has a strong ability to collect daylight, even if it is cloudy outside, and it doesn’t change the natural colors of daylight. The surface is hard and smooth, the smog or impurities are not clinging on it, that’s why it needs almost no maintenance. The crystal dome does not turn to yellow after few years and it lets out the light the same for decades. The surface is self-cleaning every time it rains, because the smog and dust is not baked on the surface.

High reflective pipe

The sunlight flows like water inside of the pipe Lightway. Inner walls of the pipe are made of high power mirrors with maximal reflectivity of light. The inside reflective layer is made of silver and silicon oxide, which are fixed by chemical vapor deposition in a vacuum. The layer mustn’t crack or peel or be warped by changes of temperature and humidity. The light pipe can be bent using an adjustable elbow. Due to its enormous directional reflectivity and low decay, it can bring the light up to 50m far from the dome.

Vysoce reflexní tubus
Skleněný rozptylovač světla

Glass diffuser

The glass diffuser should avoid glaring and it should spread the sun rays equally across the room so the light comes through the whole room. The diffuser softens the power of light rays and spreads it equally. Quality diffuser is made of glass and that’s why it lasts many years the same. It doesn’t get yellow, it is resistant to scratches and it transmits the daylight without any looses on light intensity. The light stays clear and it keeps its natural color spectrum.



Blue performance

Blue performance

The insulation element Blue Performance into climatically difficult areas. It avoids thermal leaks during the winter and in summer it protects against overheating. It prevents the humidity condensation in temperature changes and it makes the connection to thermal insulation of the house easier.

Additional light

Přídavné osvětlení

The additional LED light replaces daylight when the sun is not shining. In normal size rooms, it is possible to replace a chandelier with the LED light.



Sometimes, there is a need to shut the sun down. That’s why we offer a dimmer, which you can use for light regulation, or for complete shutdown. The dimmer has similar function like sunblind.


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Denní světlo

and its importance
for human

90% of time

We spend 90% of our time in interior
illuminated by artificial light.

Kam nechodí slunce...

If there is no light, the doctor must come.

Why is natural daylight for man so important? The sun has been part of our life from time immemorial. It has a beneficial effect on our psyche, health and energy, joy and well-being. However, the current way of life and work increasingly closes us into buildings where there is little natural daylight or artificial lighting prevails.

On average 90% of the time we spend in buildings without sufficient sunshine. So we lose contact with daylight and healing powers of the sun.

Some symptoms
of daylight lacking:

  • feeling tired
  • stress and mental illnesses
  • visual impairment
  • impaired concentration
  • pain or burning eyes
  • metabolic disorders
  • bone thinning
  • low immunity
    and infection spreading

Sun tunnels for your better health

The sun tunnels Lightway are designed well, so the light doesn’t loose its natural structure. The crystal roof dome, reflective layer made of silver and the glass diffuser brings natural, shining and healthy light into the interior.

They significantly help to reduce the negative impacts of a person's stay inside the building and significantly contribute to better health.

  • better mental comfort and more energy
  • better mood and concentration
  • lower visual tiredness and eye burning
  • better ability to study
  • higher produce of vitamin D and better metabolism
  • lighting the room and optically making it bigger
  • better color and color shades perceiving
Světlovody a zdraví


Nechte vyniknout krásu vašeho interiéru


Illumination of the room

The Lightway sun tunnel shines up every room. It feels like the walls don’t exist anymore. The natural light makes you to feel the open space and optimistic atmosphere. It is a joy to live there.

Clear and natural colors

Only the natural light lets the color of your interior to excel. The light form the sun tunnels Lightway lights up the colors of your room.


The attributes of sunlight excel the best in combination with Bohemian crystal.  The crystal in sun tunnel brings the light without any looses on color spectrum and lights up the interior with shining sunlight. That’s  why the Lightway company produces the roof domes CRYSTAL and ceiling diffusers made of crystal glass.

Look at the exclusive collection of diffusers Lightway made of massive, handmade crystal suitable for luxury interiors.


Crystal exclusive

Světlovody šetří

The sun tunnels save environment
as well as you money


One Lightway 800 sun tunnel
will save for its
minimum lifetime perion

  • electricity 66 MWh
  • CO2 66 tons
  • coal 106 tons

Our customer have already saved:

  • electricity
    1 014 000 MWh
  • CO2 975 000 tons
  • Coal
    1 599 000 tons

No maintenance / No bulb switchingDaylight forever and for free

Ecological benefits of sun tunnels

Thanks to long service life of Lightway sun tunnels, their ecological benefit significantly exceeds their energy consumption during its producing.

Each installed sun tunnel significantly contributes to energy saving and protection of the environment on the planet Earth.

Let’s do it with us!

The Lightway sun tunnels are an ideal solution for interior illumination with daylight.
Find the solution for your house.

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