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Lightway sun tunnels

Lighting up of large areas by daylight

Lighting up of large areas by daylight.

In average we spent up to 90% of our time in an interior with no day light.

Not only that it has significant negative effect on workers health, lack or absence of day light in working place significantly influences work productivity and loyalty of employees aswell.

Lightway sun tunnels will ensure sufficiency of day light in working place even when it's cloudy. It improves sight comfort in an interior of building and it holds a lot of advantages for employees and employers.

Work productivity increases by 6-16%

In average the performance of employees will increase by 6-16% if there is a day light in working placeAlong with decreasing of sick leaves by 10% you will significantly increase work productivity of workers.

Better concentration and inclination to work

etter sight comfort will increase motivation to work, satisfaction and loyalty of employees. It will decrease  tiredness and will increase concentration and ability to learn.

Higher sales at store by 40%

Day light will cause sales area to look more spacious, clean and attractive. According to studies the attendance and sales of goods will increase by 31-49%.

Fulfilled hygienic and environmental regulations

Sun tunnels will enable meeting the hygienic requirement for lighting of working place. Ecological benefit of Lightway sun tunnels then enables to lower the environmental track of company (CFF) in harmony with the ISO 14064 regulation.

Úspora 80%



Lightway sun tunnels have a solution for every situation

Lightway is able to commute day light from anywhere on the shield of the building. After that it will conduct the light to the place you need it in by highly reflexive sun pipe.

Světlovody kdekoliv na plášti domu

High effectivity of light conduction and a long life span without any essential maintenance.

n the manufacture of Lightway sun tunnels are used up to date modern materials and technologies for collection, conducting and diffusionvof light. The result of tha is a device which will add day light in your interior for dozens of years and as a bonus it saves your electric energy and environment.

Vysoká účinnost
Schéma světlovodu

The most common
use of sun tunnels
in comercial buildings

Hlavní výhody světlovodů Lightway


  • Roof dome and diffuser made of Bohemian crystal.
  • 98 - 99 % reflectivity of sunpipe due to unique surface with the warranty of 25 years.
  • Without water condensation and thermal loss, thanks to original insulation element - Blue Performance.
  • Collecting of light on angled and flat roof even on the  facade of the house.
  • Great price and support atraight from Lightway.
Příklady využití

MAXimal power for “maximal” buildings

Lightway MAXIMUS 5000


Comparing Lightway MAXIMUS 5000
to classic roof skylights

Srovnání světlovodů a střešních světlíků

Uniformity of light

Lightway Maximus 5000 has a way higher uniformity of day light and better options of spreading the light throughout the whole area than a classic skylight, due to effective diffusers.

Workers and shoppers in the stores are orientating better and they experience elevated sight comfort. One Lightway Maximus 5000 replaces 3-5m of classic skylight.

Lightway Hybrid 24 Nonstop

Light with no expenses on electricity 24/7

Hybrid is a combination of day light with LED light and automatic regulation of power for maximal saving of electric energy and increasing of LED resources life span. It transmits natural daylight during the day and at night is a hybrid system connected to battery, which is charging up during the day by photovoltaic pannels. Zero expenses for turning on the light during the day and night.

Srovnání světlovodů a střešních světlíků
Srovnání světlovodů a střešních světlíků

Easy to install
in 15 minutes

Lightway Maximus 5000 is already assembled in the manufacture and is transported to the mounting  in an assembled state. Fitting of sun tunnel is easy and fast and it takes approx. 15 minutes for one person.


More about Maximus 5000

Another types of Lightway sun tunnels

Each building has it's own solution of day light intake. That's why Lightway  has developed several series of sun tunnels where each type has it's own specific usage.

Find a sun tunnel which meets your requirements the best. Lightway has a solution for every situation.

The product overview

Lightway individual

If the standard product is just enough Lightway will work out a customised solution for specific order. It can be for example a special cuff for a specific roof type, adjustment of a sunpipe for light conduction or for instance a safety requirement or fire resistance. Lightway manufacture will flexibly sort out your individual requirement.

Lightway individual

How much light will sun tunnels provide for you?

The amount and the type of sun tunnels is always suggested based on your requirements on the amount of day light. The solution must meet your individual requirements, meeting of the hygienic norm included.

Výpočet osvětlení

How will you find out?

  • Light requirements and hygienic norms to meet are a part of the project documentation of your building
  • you will get an approximat calculation in our on-line calculator
  • The light calculation will be customised for you by Lightway

Najděte řešení pro svůj projekt.

Light calculation


Choose a sun tunnel for your house and find out the price.

It is quick and easy.


Konfigurace a cena

Price of a sun tunnels

  • Lightway always guarantees a great price strightform the manufacturer.
  • Choose the most suitable type and size of Lightway sun tunnel for your project. You will easily find out the price in our eshop.
  • In realization of bigger projects or individual manufacturing will Lightway work out an individual calculation.

Service and customer support

Montáž světlovodu

Sun tunnel installation

Lightway provides complex counseling and support for sun tunnel installation. Assembly videos,directions and  manuals, professional training including on-line support.

More about
On-line podpora

On- line support

Lightway is always ready to help you to pick up, order, deliver or with an assebly of sun tunnel. Please contact support team, we will be glad to help you.

Service and support
Dokumenty ke stažení

Files to download

Assembly and instalation manuals, building details, certificates and other technical documents.

Files to download

Need help with the draft or with calculation of sun tunnels?

Lightway project department will process a professional draft of adding day light by sun tunnel for you property.

Please fill in and send the form below.

I want a draft and a calculation of sun tunnels

Interested in:

Project description:

I am: Other


Email: Phone:




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Choose your sun tunnel Lightway

It's easy and fast. The on-line guide will help you to go through all the steps, from lighting calculation to choice the most suitable sun tunnel for your home. 

Lightway support team is ready to assist you at any time.

Průvodce výběrem světlovodu

Lightway selection guide

4 steps to the lightway

  • Calculation
    of lighting
  • Type
  • Lightway
  • Confirmation
4 kroky

Take these four steps to get the Lightway. It takes a few minutes. Any question will answer Lightway on-line support.

Start by selecting the Lightway

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